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To many, Accounts are a necessary evil, that needs to be addressed once a year, in order to comply with statutory requirements and deadlines.

That's not how we see it. Any business is an ever evolving entity, which requires adequate planning and control to survive. Of course, HMRC and Companies House deadlines must be complied with, and we ensure that these are adhered to at all times.

So confident are we that we can remain on top of this for you, that, should you incur any fines for late submission of any Accounts or Returns, while we act as your agents, we will pay those fines for you (unless, of course, you have failed to provide the information and explanations we require, in order to do so).

To us, Accounts are in integral part of business management, providing information on performance, against plan, and allowing us to, proactively, mangage ongoing performance and growth.

Every bit as important as the statutorily required year end Financial Statements are monthly management accounts, providing, as close as possible, real time performance monitoring against historical / budgeted information. Producing Accounts is of little benefit, if their underlying message cannot be adequately communicated into the client's ongoing business strategy. We aim to ensure our clients are fully apraised of their current performance levels, so they can steer the business in the direction it needs to go.

Accounts are nothing more than numbers. They need to be interpreted, understood, and applied to your current business situation, in order to have any real meaning to you, and your business. That's where Praxis can help. Our extensive experience in many business sectors places us in a unique position to work with our clients, as well as for them. We understand your business, because we have all been there. Every single member of the Praxis team has successfully owned and run their own business. This is why we can say with absolute confidence; "We are accountants who understand your business, not just your books".
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We offer a full range of accountancy services, both internal and external.

Externally, we deal with everything from the smallest sole trader business, to the larger limited companies and similar entities. Internally, we cover all aspects of management accounting and reporting, including periodic management accounts, cash flows and profit projections.

It is our policy to always discuss all accounts and other information directly with the client, and any ongoing implications, arising from our work, are explored, fully, with the client, to ensure that the business is best able to benefit from the financial information obtained from those accounts.

Whatever the accounting requirements, no client is ever too large or too small.