31 January
This is the submission deadline for anyone filing a
Self Assessment Tax Return online. It does not apply
to those submitted manually, which are due in five
months earlier.
5 April
The end of the Tax Year, for both individuals, and
businesses operating an employee payroll.
6 July
All Forms P11D should be submitted to HMRC.
19 July
Any Class 1A National Insurance arising on benefits in kind, reported in the Forms P11D need to be paid directly to HMRC.
31 October
Anyone still completing their Self Assessment Tax Returns manually will need to get them in by 31st October following the 5 April Tax Year end date.
Deadlines are becoming increasingly important, with fines and other, non financial, implications becoming ever more onerous, it has never been more important to be aware of, and comply with, all relevant statutory deadlines.
On this page, we list, chronologically, some of the key dates in the business calendar.
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In addition to the 'fixed' deadlines, there are a number of 'floating'deadlines that will vary, depending on such factors as when your year end date actually occurs.
Examples of these include;
Submission Of Accounts To Companies House
This will, of course, only apply to limited companies and limited liability partnerships. All accounts for these entities are due in to Companies House exactly 9 months after the company's financial year end date. This timescale was reduced from 10 months around the same time as the penalties scale was increased from; 'Ouch' to 'WTF?'. This deadline is strictly applied, so, for example, accounts prepared to 28 February 2014 will need to be submitted by 28 November of that year.
Submission of Accounts To HMRC (Limited Companies)
The deadline for submission of the company accounts and CT600 (Company Tax Return) remains at 12 months, which is a little strange, in view of the due date for the payment of Corporation Tax (see below).
Payment of Corporation Tax (Limited Companies)
Payment of Corporation Tax is due 9 months and 1 day after the financial year end. This means that we have the slightly illogical scenario whereby we are required to pay our liability to HMRC, some 3 months before we are required to advise them how much we owe.
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