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In House Videos
Praxis have always used social media and the internet to 'get the message' out to as many business owners as possible, and have been producing videos for a number of years, designed to both educate and inform.
The majority of the early videos were produced by CEO Alan Young, however, 2013 saw the welcoming of Dave Flately to the team, and Dave is now producing all in house videos from hereon in.
Many of these clips are a video based version of the articles found in our blog; Praxis Press, links to which can be found throughout the site.
To view any of the videos, simply click on the image to the left of each description. To view the large selection of additional videos available on our YouTube channel, simply click on the YouTube logo immediately below.
When Do I Notify The Tax Man That I Have Commenced Self Employment?
Failure to notify HMRC by the due date can result in financial penalties, so it's worth knowing what constitutes self employment, and when you should let the Tax Man know you've started. Praxis' Dave Flatley looks at both the requirements, and the penalties for non compliance
Employing Family Members
60% of UK businesses are family owned, and most of those operate from home, so, can we pay our partner, or even our children through the family business? Once again, Dave Flatley looks at the answers.
Company Status Part 1
One of the fundamental questions when starting a new business is; Should I run my business as a sole trader, partnership or limited company?
In this first of a two part video series, Dave Flatley takes a look at, and evaluates, the options.
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Company Status Part 2
Having looked at the key options involved, Dave considers, in more detail, the limited company route, which, for many, remains the preferable choice.