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Case Studies (Continued)
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Our first batch of case studies cover a number of ways we have helped our smaller clients, however, our experience goes way beyond the limitations of statutory account, taxation and the smaller business.
'Praxis' is defined as; "The application of knowledge and skills" and; "The practice and practical side of a profesion, or field of study, as opposed to the theory".
Our experience is, therefore, much more hands on, including the undertaking of short term, 'Financial Director' type roles, the implementation of company wide systems and processes, and involvement in the preparation of detailed documents and reports, including business plans and tenders for major contracts. The next case study gives an example of the potential benefits of the latter.
Larger Limited Company
MP Ltd is a medium sized client, with a national client base, operating in a extremely specialist area of their chosen market. They undertake multi million pound contracts, on behalf of Government Departments, and blue chip companies.
In the early stages of the company's growth, they were in the process of preparing a tender for one such client, and, having completed the tender, they asked for a second opinion on the numbers involved. Having reviewed the tender, in some detail, it became apparent that the clients had under charged, on a number of items within it. It was clear that the market place would stand an increase, with no detriment to the client's chances of securing the contract.
Revisions were suggested to the existing numbers, and these were incorporated into the tender. The tender was accepted, as it stood, resulting in an additional 128,000 of profit, over and above that which the clients had, originally, intended on submitting.
It is this degree of business acumen that sets us apart from most of the other accountancy firms around today. Our knowledge and experience of business in the 'real world' puts us in a unique position to partner our clients in any aspect of their business they so chose.
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