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We engaged the services of Alan Young, from The Praxis Partnership, as our business was scaling up quickly, and we needed an accountant who could act in our best interests, not only in terms of minimising our tax liabilities, but, also, who had the commercial acumen required to take our business forward to the next level.
Alan has been involved in all aspects of the business, from helping us to systemise and manage our rapid and sustained business growth, to the preparation of key elements of recent large tenders for national contracts. Alan has taken the time to really understand how our business works.
If you are looking for an accountant who not only works for you, but is, also, capable of working with you, then I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan and his team at The Praxis Partnership. Their value to us far exceeds the commercial transactions we receive from them, so I am, always, happy with the value they represent.
Martin Glover
Managing Director
Land Referencing Services Limited
The subjects of tax and expenses have attracted more questions and comments than any other topics on the forum , and many of the questions have been answered (extremely well) by Alan Young, who knows far more about working from home than any accountant I have ever come across
Dave Sumner Smith
Program Director
The Home Business Network & Telegraph Business Club
Alan Young is a unique fellow. From the day he came upon Enterprise Nation, it's been a pleasure to know him. He is incredibly giving of his time, experience and expertise.
I have stopped counting the number of home businesses who have got in touch with me to comment on his approachable style and straightforward advice.
Alan shows perfectly how business should be done; Give.... and utimately, you will receive. Alan deserves to receive a mountain of work and praise!
Emma Jones
Alan Young has prepared reports for Lime One before, but this week, he certainly excelled client expectations. He has prepared the report in record time, run various other figures through for us, at very short notice, and generally put himself out for us. We are able to move on a shareholder dispute much faster as a result of his hard work and expertise. Alan is a very good accountant and it is the attention to detail and turning around a report in under a day, that makes him really stand out from the crowd.
Our client is made up with the work he has carried out and we certainly will be covering his work in a feature on our web site, as well as a mention in our newsletter this month.
Proactive and accountant are words you don't see in the same sentence very often, but Alan is everything you would wish to see in the profession. no messing about, and no hanging about when work needs to be done.
Sue McGraughran
Lime One Limited
Fantastic advice, clearly put in plain English. Thankyou Alan. You are a true gent. It is so rare to find someone who understands such a technical area and can communicate complex information so well. There is so much advice that is contradictory out there. You really seem to have your finger on the pulse.
David Nicholson
Via The Home Business Network
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